Late Tuesday, March 11, 2008, US $ US $ billion billion in the financial fiscal market, against the major currencies after the Central Bank’s joint efforts of the world around the world. In addition to the US Federal Reserve Bank, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada and the Swiss National Bank, have promised to provide loans to financial institutions in exchange for debt, including mortgage securities.

After this news, the US dollar was more than 103.52 against the Euro, and against 1.5332 euros. However, at 9:52 pm (Wednesday, March 12, 2008), in the Tokyo exchange, the US dollar has retired against major currencies and traded against the Euro 103.03 yen and 1.5353.

Osama Tashkent, chief analyst of Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, believes that in short periods, financial markets will help to overcome the fear of crisis, but they are “hazardous to talk about credit crisis.” Will remain and unfortunately writing to private financial institutions, which will take some time. ”

In December 2007, the American Federal Reserve planted a $ 160 billion injection to reduce the Microsoft crisis, which led to an increasing increase in the US dollar. It is very likely that the US dollar will reject the latest liquor injection in the financial system.