The US dollar value decreased on 6th March, the European Central Bank decided that its rate of standard rate was not converted to 4.0 percent. In addition, the release of strict US economic reports has been confirmed, while the demands of the US factories’ products have risen in January, the American service sector thanked.

The European Central Bank President Jean Claude Treacet announced that the risk of inflation in the european zone will continue on “Top”. According to figures released, Reuters grew every time compared to the Euro. On $ 1.5370, instead of US $ instead of the overall height, reaching $ 1.5339, the day increased by half percent.

The latest increase in the price of euro against the dollar is not good news for trade unions in Europe, because the United States exports will continue to grow. According to analysts, a costly europe will spend more jobs in Europe in Europe, which has other factors in sports that are affecting negative effects.

The UK Pound Sterling also increased by US dollar after the bank of England, announcing that its basic refining rates have been worse than 5.25 percent. Tomorrow, the currency was traded more than $ 2,0057 in the morning before closing at 2.00, $ 2.0027.