On Friday, March 13, 2008, at 00:52 (GMT) on the Tokyo Forex Market, Euro traded at $ 1.5527, which was more time against the dollar. That day, the US dollar business fell in 101.36, the lowest against Yan in 12 years.

Analysts believe that the fall of US dollar against key currencies is the result of the concern of investors about the $ 200 billion flexible injection effectiveness by four central banks led by US Federal Reserve. Flexible injection will immediately reduce the risk of funds that US financial institutions face when they are preparing for the end of their quarter.

Since the US government can not be able to use public funds to address the problems of its sub-pre-mortgage, it is noteworthy that the US dollar will gradually reach 100% of psychologically significantly.

Now the real question, according to the actual question, would Japanese authorities interfere with the foreign currency market? And will it be a concerted attempt to reverse the current trend? Jaguar Star, a member of the European Central Bank Council, said he was worried about inflation in the european zone. This concern lies in the position of buying euro.