Japan should invest some of its major economy reserves, does it cost $ 1 trillion to restore its economy? According to analysts, Japan’s foreign currency reserves are the world’s largest part of China.

Due to recent financial crisis, resulting in sub-major debt activity in the United States, due to lack of equality for many Western Western banks. Many of these diseases were rescued by financial institutions, such as Morgan Stanley and Blackstone, owned by China, autonomous wealth funds. The current debate is that Japan should move some of these reserves that are state funds, largely unable to maintain national debt time and the growing number of risks.

The Japan Independent Fund initiative aims to reduce Tokyo’s annual year as an international financial center. According to Yogi Yamamoto, Japan’s former financial services minister, Japan’s financial sector can be very protective, and then the economy is over.

Around the establishment of the independent foundation of Japan, it is expected that it will attract large fund managers and will help a lot of Tokyo markets again, such as other Asian countries such as Singapore, from the same fund. However, the recent additions of their autonomous funds in the Middle East, Asia and Russia are officials in countries worried about their responsibilities and the lack of transparency associated with these funds.

According to Mr Amomotot, about 95 percent of Japan’s rescue has been invested in American securities and it will not be completely possible without the approval of the US government. Analysts say that if Japan sells its US dollar assets, the US dollar will further slide Japan’s exporters and its economic recovery.