Japan Ponders Establishment of Sovereign Fund

Japan should invest some of its major economy reserves, does it cost $ 1 trillion to restore its economy? According to analysts, Japan’s foreign currency reserves are the world’s largest part of China. Due to recent financial crisis, resulting in sub-major debt activity in the United States, due to lack of equality for many Western […]

US Dollar rebounds ahead of U.S. economic news

On March 5, 2008, the US dollar made a slight revolt against different currencies because foreign currency managers were already positioning positions on release of various US economic data. Tomorrow, Euros was higher than US $ 1.5250, but it used to be short, because investors do not have a full-fledged picture of the US economy […]

Forex Trading in the Arab world

The United Arab Emirates has a national currency, which has a dollar rate associated with the US dollar. As it is with other currencies, it is also ready with US dollar. In the Arab world, they offer to deal with all major currencies and cross, European, North America, Middle East and Asian currencies. This is […]